The Magic of Believing – Turning Desire into Reality- Claude M. Bristol - $7.95

Creative Visualization – Use the power of your Imagination to create what you want in your Life – Shakti Gawain (2) -

Master Secrets of Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis – Professor Kurt Tepperwein – 490pgs - Rare - $54.99

Just Pretending- Ways to Help Children Grow Through Imaginative Play – Marilyn Segal & Don Adcock - $9.99

The Celestine Vision – Living the New Spiritual Awareness – James Redfield - $20.00

The Celestine Prophecy- An Experimental Guide - James Redfield and Carol Adrienne - $20.00

Spirit Moon Shining- Poems for the Mother of the Universe – Ethan Walker III -   $14.99

The Finding of the Third Eye – Vera Stanley Alder - $7.95

Meditations – Creative Visualization and Meditation Exercises to Enrich Your Life – Shakti Gawain - $8.95

A Spirit Walk with Grandfather  - A Spiritual Diary of Past Native Americans – Jim Lilley - $15.99

Quest for Truth…A Journey of the Soul – Hypnosis-Reincarnation-Spiritual Healing-Death Experiences and Past Life
Regression –
Patricia L. Fry - $15.99

Doorway to the Soul – How to Have a Profound Spiritual Experience – Ron Scholastico, PH.D $15.99

The Secret Teachings of ALL AGES…A Masterful Summation of the Esoteric Techings of the Ages – Manly P. Hall –
751 pgs - Rare -  $100.00

Essential Sacred Writings From Around the World - Mircea Eliade – 645 pgs - $50.00

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors…A Search for Who We Are – Carl Sagan and Druyan – Hard Cover – 507 pgs $35.00

Message from the Masters…Tapping into the Power of Love – Brian Weiss, MD – Hard Cover - Rare - $50.00

Bhagavad-Gita As It Is…The largest selling, most widely used edition of the GITA in the Western World – His Divine
Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada , Found of the International Socieity for Krishna Consciousness  - $30.00

A Book of Angels (2) – Sophy Burnham - $15.00

Angels – Gilles Neret - $24.00

Angels- God’s Secret Agents – Billy Graham – $12.99

Angels Guide – The Spiritual Toobox for Using Angelic Guidance in Everyday Life – Belinda Womack- $24.00

The Angel Book – A Handbook for Aspiring Angels – Karen Goldman - $18.00

Angel Letters – Sophy Burnham - $15.00

The Angel Oracle – Ambika Wauters - $15.00

Angel Visions – True Stories of People Who Have Seen Angels and How You Can See Angels Too! –
Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. - $13.95

In Search of Angels – A Celestial book for Beginning Your Journey – David Connelly - $8.95

Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians – Contact Your Invisible Helpers – Richard Webster - $9.95

Silver Fox…Journeys of the Inner Songbird (2)- As told through the deep trance mediumship of Mick Avery, spirit guide
Silver Fox brings us images of clarity to our world with enlightenment and wisdom from the spirit realms. - $14.75

Miracles…A Novel about Mother Seton, the First American Saint  - Marcy Heidish – 5.99

The Rise of Christian Europe…History of European Civilization – Hugh Trevor-Roper - $14.99

The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Green Jesus…New Light on the Seat of Moses from Shem-Tov’s Hebrew Matthew – Nehemia
Gordon -   $19.99

Paul – Mystic and Missionary – Bernard T. Smyth - $14.99

The Spirit of Mediaeval Philosophy – Etienne Gilson - $19.99

The Logic of Theology – Dietrich Ritschl - $19.99

The Prophets- Abraham Heschel - $19.99

Christian Anthropology and Ethics – James M Childs Jr. - $19.99

Theology and the Black Experience…The Luthern Heritage Interpreted by African and African American Theologians – Edited
by Albert Pero and Ambrose Mayo
Ernst Troelstsch Writings on Theology and Religion – Translaed and edited by Robert Morgan and Michael Pye - $19.99

Bible Reader’s Companion – Home Bible Study Library – Hard Cover – 931 pgs - $65.00

A Simple Path by Mother Teresa  - Hard Cover - $21.00

The Ark on Ararat – Fully Illustrated with Photos, Drawings and Maps - Tim F LaHaye and John D. Morris - $12.99

The Witches Almanac – Contains herbal secrets, advice about animals, mystic incantations, sacred rituals and many a
curious tale of good and evil.  Issue 25 ‘The Element of Air’ - $18.95

The Realness of Witchcraft in America – Witch-Doctors, Apparitions, Pow-Wows, Angels, Hexerei, Devils, Hex and Sex – A.
Monroe Aurand, Jr  - $4.99

Ancient Myths…Vivid Re-Creations of  the Oldest Stories in the World from Ancient Sumer to Imperial Rome – Norma
Lorre Goodrich - $19.99

Lost Goddesses of Early Greece…A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths – Charlene Spretnak - $19.99

Gnosis- The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed - Phillip Gardinier  $25.00

The Templar Revelation…Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ …The Secret Code of Leonardo da Vinci
Revealed -  
Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince  - $25.00

Atlantis Rising…The Struggle of Darkness and Light –
Patricia Cori - $16.95

Slave Species of God…The Story of Humankind from the Cradle of Humankind…Were humans created by ‘god’ as
slaves…Was Abraham the first human spy…Was Jesus an accidental Messiah…and more  –
Michael Tellinger – 542 pgs -

Secrets of the Holy Lance – The Spear of Destiny in History & Legend – Jerry E. Smith and George Piccard - $16.99
Out of Stock

He came to set the captives free   
Rebeccas Brown, MD $15.99

The Otherness, A personal interaction  Tim Watts $12.99

It's all in the playing   Shirley Maclaine $7.99

Dancing in the Light  Shirley Maclaine $7.99

How to hear your angels  Doreen Virtue, Ph D $7.99

Samadhi and Siddhi  Sri Chinmoy  9.99

Grist for the Mill  
Stephen Levine 7.99

Contacting your Spirit Guide  
Sylvia Browne (Out of Stock )

A Gift of Prophecy  The phenomenal Jeane Dixon  
Ruth Montgomery $7.99

Spirit Walks with Gregory  Mick Avery  $13.95

Pathway of Fire Initiation to the Kabbalah  Raphael $10.99 (Out of Stock)

Woman of Four Paths - The Strange Story of a Black Woman in South Africa - Virginia Rathee and Credo Mut'Wa $15.00

When God Spoke to Me  The Inspiring Stories of Ordinary people who have received divine guidance and wisdom -  
David Paul Doyle $15.99

Aleister Crowley  The Nature of the Beast - Colin Wilson (Out of Stock)

My Encounters with the Light - Jesus and the Janitor  
Myles D Ferguson $12.95

The Star of the Magi  
Courtney Roberts 14.99

Troeltsch: Writings on Theology and Religion  Morgan and Pye $14.99

What the Buddha Taught  Walpola Rahula 15.99

Another Place, Another Time - The Reincarnation of Crazy Horse C. D. Montana $12.99

Avoiding the Cosmic 2x4 - Rita Louise, phD $18.95

A New Earth - Awakening to your Life's Purpose -  Eckhart Tolle $14

Soul Stories  Gary Zukav $24

Practicing Conscious Living and Dying  Annamaria Hemingway $14.99

The Awakening of Humanity  -  Benjamin Creme $12.99

The World Teacher for all humanity - Benjamin Creme 12.99

Secret Societies - Revelations about the Freemasons, Templars, Illuminati, Nazis and the Serpent Cults   -  Phillip  
Gardiner $14.99

Gateways to the Otherworld - The secrets beyond the final journey, from the Egyptian underworld to the gates in the
sky  -  
Philip Gardiner $17.99

The Ark on Ararat  Tim E LaHaye and John D Morris $12.99

Lost Goddesses of Early Greece:  A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths  Charlene Spretnak $12.99

Blessed: A quest for Atlantis in Egypt leads to Apparitions of the Virgin Mary  Carole Chapman $12.99

The Two Witnesses and the religion cover up  -  Micheal $12.99

The Price of Favor -   What Words Would Jesus Say?  Dan Solomon $12.99

Prophet or madman:  A bridge between worlds  -  Bruce Adams (Out of Stock)

Christian anthropology and ethics  
James M Childs $3.50

The Secret Things of God:  Unlocking the Treasures Reserved for You  Dr Henry Cloud $7.99

Bringers of the Dawn : Teachings from the Pleiadians  - Barbara Marciniak $9.95

Prepare for War  - Rebecca Brown $12.99

The Tenth Insight  - James Redfield Out of Stock

The Doctrine and Covenants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  The Pears of Great Price (Out of Stock)

The Book of Mormon  -  Another Testament of Jesus Christ (Out of Stock)

The Magic of Believing  -  
Claude M Bristol $7.99

The Moses Code -  The Most Powerful Manifestation Tool in the History of the World  -  James F Twyman (Out of stock)

Michael's People -   
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro $7.99

The Mark of the Beast - Trevor Ravenscroft Tim Wallace-Murphy $17.95

Knowing God's Will - Finding Guidance for Personal Decisions  M. Blaine Smith $12.99

Bhagavad-Gita As It Is…The largest selling, most widely used edition of the GITA in the Western World – His Divine
Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada , Foundation of the International Socieity for Krishna Consciousness  -

Wicca and Witchcraft

The Witches Almanac – Contains herbal secrets, advice about animals, mystic incantations, sacred rituals and many a
curious tale of good and evil.  Issue 25 ‘The Element of Air’ - $18.95

The Realness of Witchcraft in America – Witch-Doctors, Apparitions, Pow-Wows, Angels, Hexerei, Devils, Hex and Sex
A. Monroe Aurand, Jr  - $4.99

How to hear the Voice of God (Includes meditation CD)  
Susan Shumsky $16.99
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