Books on the Mysteries of Ancient, Lost Races and Unexplained Phenomenon

AKU-AKU – The Secret of Easter Island is a 1958 book by Thor Heyerdahl that described his research at Rano Raraku and
Anakena on the many giant stone statues or moai found on Easter Island and the culture that created them.
384 pages  Hard Cover - $40.00

Ape Man- The story of Human Evolution – Based on the acclaimed four-part television series as seen on A&E-
Rod Caird and Dr. Robert Foley – Hard Cover - $30.00

Atlantis in Wisconsin – New Revelations about a Lost Sunken City – Frank Joseph - $14.95

Blessed…A Quest for Atlantis in Egypt leads to Apparitions of the Virgin Mary – Carole Chapman- $16.95

The Children of MU – Col. James Churchward - $30.00

The God Kings and the Titans – James Bailey  1st Edition  – Hard Cover $100.00

The Last Two Million Years- History of Man – Readers Digest – Hard Cover $30.00

Lost Gods of Albion…The Chalk Hill Figures of Britain – Paul Newman – Hard Cover -$30.00

Lost Kingdoms of the Maya – National Geographic Society – Hard Cover - $30.00

Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms..Sunken Continents, Vanished Cities and the Kingdoms that History Misplaced – Dr. Bob
Curran  - $25.00

The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake – Wisconsin’s Sunken Civilization – Frank Joseph - $15.95

The Mighty Aztec – National Geographic Society – Gene S. Stuart- Hard Cover - $30.00

The Moundbuilders…Ancient Peoples of Eastern North America – George R. Milner – Hard Cover - $30.00

The Mystic Symbol…Mark of the Michigan Mound Builders – Henriette Mertz - $21.95

Mysteries of the Ancient World – Ice Age Hunters, Roots of the City Jericho and Catal Huyuk,
Egypts Pyramids Monuments of the Pharaohs, Ancient India, Megaliths, Minoans, Mycenaeans, Etruscans, Easter Island -  
National Geographic Society – Hard Cover - $30.00

Quest For the Past – Early Man, The Ancient World, The Classical World, The Medieval World –
Readers Digest – Hard Cover - $30.00

The Science of the Dogon…Decoding the African Mystery Tradition – Laird Scranton - $16.95

The Stairway to Heaven – Zecharia Sitchin – $12.99

Teotihuacan- First City in the Americas – Karl E. Meyer – Hard Cover- $30.00

The Twelfth Planet – Zecharia Sitchin - $12.99

Unearthing Ancient America…The Lost Sagas of Conquerors, Castaways and Scoundrels – Frank Joseph - $15.99

The World’s Last Mysteries – In Search of Fabled Lands, Age of Megaliths, Cities of Mysteries, Secrets of the Pyramids,
Vanished Peoples and Forgotten Places – Readers Digest- Hard Cover - $30.00

The World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries – An Intriguing Journey into the Realms of the Unknown, including cases of
UFOs, Vampires, Ghosts, Spontaneous Combustion, Curses, Jinxes and many more fascinating Phenomena – Edited by
Damon Wilson – Hardcover 483 pgs $31.00

Mysteries of the Unexplained – Prophecies, Anomalies, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Inexplicable Crimes and
Assaults, Appearances and Disappearances, Monsters and More, Strange Things from Above, UFOs, Atmospheric and
Astronomical Oddities, Cures and Immunities, Signs and Wonders - Readers Digest – Hard Cover  $30.00

The Mysterious World- An Atlas of the Unexplained – Francis Hitching – Hard Cover $30.00

The Great Waves of Change  Navigating the difficult times ahead  Marshall Vian Summers  14.95 (Out of Stock)

Master Guide to Psychism  Harriet A  Boswell (Out of Stock)

The Prophet
 Kahilil Gibran  $7.99

How to Communicate with Spirits  Elizabeth Owens  12.95

The Power of Coincidence  The Mysterious role of Synchronicity in shaping our lives  Frank Joseph (Out of stock)

Life's Companion Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest
 Christina Baldwin  $7.99

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life volume 2  Drunvalo Melchizedek $25

Clay and iron  Willian Deagle $20.00

The Reclamation Project  Ruth Marie Davis (Out of Stock)

Earth Magic
 Steven D Farmer  $14.95

In Search of Ancient Astronomies  Dr E C Krupp $25

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors  Carl Sagan Ann Druyan (Out of Stock)

Eyewitness to discovery
 Fagan $25

New Age Encyclopedia J Gordon Melton $30

True Story of Superstition Mountains  Bob Ward (Out of Stock)

Quest for the Unknown: Earths Mysterious Places
 Readers Digest $6

Mysteries of the Unexplained Readers Digest  $6

Mysteries of the Ancients  Readers Digest $25

Mysteries of the Past  American Heritage  $25

Pears Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends The America's  $18.95

Pears Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends Western and Northern Europe, Central and Southern Africa 18.95

Quest for the Past Reader's Digest  $25

The Worlds Last Mysteries $25

Charles Berlitz's World of Strange Phenomena vol 1: Mysterious and Incredible facts (Out of Stock)

Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures A Study of Subterranean Mysteries in history, folklore and myth.  
Micheal Mott
(Out of Stock)

 Dr Bob Curran $14.95

The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries  Colin Wilson (Out of Stock)

The Dragon's Triangle
 Charles Berlitz  $25

The World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries  Damon Wilson  $25

Strange World True events so fantastic and amazing as to baffle the most brilliant scientific mind  Frank Edwards $7.99

This Tragic Earth  The Art and World of Richard Sharpe Shaver  William Micheal Mott (Out of Stock)

Story in the Snow
 Lunetta Woods $10.95

Millennium Prophecies Predictions for the year 2000

Mysteries of the Ancient World  
Charles E Sellier  $5.99

Strangest of all  Astounding incidents that man and science have never been able to explain  Frank Edwards (Out of

Mysteries of the World
 Christopher Pick  $25
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