The Andreasson Affair
Paperback autographed
Raymond E. Fowler  
Price $30.00
The Andreasson Affair,
Phase Two: The
Continuing Investigation
of a Woman's
Abduction by Alien
Price  $30.00
Autographed Soft Cover
Aliens Among Us:
Paperback  - A History of
Extraterrestrials, crop
circles, abductions and
UFOs by Gregory Branson
Trent  $15.99
The Andreasson Legacy- Hard Cover
 Raymond Fowler  
In this harrowing companion to The Andreasson
Affair and his subsequent UFO investigations,
Raymond Fowler recounts the paranormal
experiences of the entire Andreasson family as
well as those of his own family members. New
evidence of alien abductions of members of both
families help prove the hypothesis that UFO
events are often family affairs. With enough
background for new readers, this book
completes the story of the two families for those
people already familiar with the first installment.
Price  $30.00
Ears: Evidence of
Alien Contact
Revealed in Scripture
(3) -  James
Price - $9.95
Ears Book III: Crux
Decussata...Inspire to
See Beyond Proximity

(3) – James Andrew
Price $10.95
The Gift
Robert Schier
Price- $10.99
Miracles of the Gods -
Soft Cover
Erich von Daniken  
Price- $9.99
Our Ancestors came from Outer Space- A
NASA Expert Confirms Mankind’s
Extraterrestrial Origins- Maurice Chatelain
Hard Cover 209 pages Used Condition
Price - $24.99
The Science of
UFOs Explained at
Last - Erick Julien  -
Price $29.99
Transformation – The
Whitley Strieber
Price- $14.99
UFO Report -Irving A. Greenfield  
A hard hitting report of the real facts on unidentified flying
objects with latest witnesses testimony on what the flying
saucers are - why they are here- what do they want - hush
hush government bureaus say you must not be told but it is
all here  Price $12.99
Alien Update - The
Contact Continues -

Edited by Timothy
Good   $12.99 -
Price $12.99
The UFO Casebook -  Facts the
USAF and the CIA tried to hide  -
Captain Kevin D. Randle USAF,
Ret. Price  $ 12.99
The UFO Experience
Close Encounters of the
First, Second and Third
Kind - J. Allen Hynek
Price $12. 99
UFO Crash at Roswell  
Kevin D. Randle and Donald
R. Schmitt   -  $12.99
Stranger from the Skies -
Comprehensive, provacotive
look at the Saucer Situatin -
Brad Steiger Paperback Used
Price - $12.99
The Truth about Flying
with eight
astonishing pages of
photographs -
Aime Michel  
Price $12.99
Gods and Spacemen in
the Ancient East
W. Raymond Drake
Price $12.99
Gods and Spacemen in
the Ancient West
(missing front cover) W.
Raymond Drake - Price
The Truth about the UFO
Crash At Roswell
Randle & Donald Schmitt
Price - $12.99
Gifts of the Gods - Are
UFOs Alien Visitors or
Psychic Phenomena -
John Spencer
Price $12.99
Gods from Outer Space
Fully Illustrated -
Paperback Used
Erich Von Daniken -
Price  $12.99
God Drives a Flying Saucer -
Biblical revelations that prove the
existence of UFO's and explain
their spiritual significance to
humankind -  R.L. Dione   
Paperback used condition
Price $12.99
The UFO Enigma - What
Scientists really know
about UFOs - Jacques &
Janine Vallee Price
$15.99       Paperback
Dimensions - A
Casebook of Alien
Contact -
Vallee - Used paperback
Price  $19.99
Flying Saucers Have Landed - Desmond
Leslie and George Adamski  - 5th Edition Jan
If Adamski and the six companions who
swore an affidavit to his Space Man encounter
are not trying to pull off a gigantic hoax, then
this is quite possibly the greatest story ever."

That was what the Daily Sketch wrote about"
Flying Saucers Have Landed." For, in the
second part of this book, Adamski swears
that he saw a space ship land in the desert in
California and that he made contact with one
of its occupants. More, he provides
considerable testimony to support his claims.

Desmond Leslie, who contributes the first
part of the book, goes even further, asserting
that flying saucers have been landing on earth
for thousands of years, and gives records of
their arrivals
Hard Cover -Price $50.00.00  Excellent
UFO Conspiracy  -
Official case files of the
world's leading nations
- Hard Cover - Jenny
Randles  -
Price  $25.00
We are not Alone - Search for Intelligent Life
on Other Worlds - Walter Sullivan -
Hard Cover -
Price $25.00
Project Beta - Story of Paul Bennewitz,
National Security and the creation of a
modern UFO myth - Soft Cover Greg Bishop -
Price $12.99
A Spacefarer's Journal - A human's dream
encounters with extra-huimans - Dwight S.
Huggins  - Soft cover -Price  $14.99
Aliens and UFOs- Extraterrestrial
Tales from Asimov's Science Fiction
and Analog Science Fiction and
Fact  - Hard Cover - Edited by
Cynthia Manson and Charles Ardai  
Price  $15.00
The Mystery of UFOs - For
Young Readers
- Hard Cover
- Judith Herbst , Illustrated by
Greg Clarke   - $14.99
Concluve: 4th
Received thru  
Tuieta -
Soft Cover
Price  $12.99
The UFO Phenomenon - Mysteries of the
Unknown - Edition of Time/Life Books - Hard
Cover -Price $5.00
UFO: The Continuing
  - Quest for the
Unknown - Readers Digest
Hard Cover -  Price $5.00
World Atlas of UFOs -
Sightings, abductions
and close encounters -
John Spencer  Hard
Cover -
Price $25.00
UFOs and Defense - What Should We Prepare For?
An Independent report on UFOs written by the French
association COMETA. The report details the results
of a study by the Institute of Higher Studies for
National Defence.   Manuscript  $10.00
Statement on Unidentified Flying Objects -
Submitted to the House Committee on
Science and Astronautics on July 29, 1968 by
Dr. James McDonald, Sr Physicist, Institute of
Atmosepheric Physics and Professor,
Department of Meteroology, University of
Arizona, Tucson (41 Outstanding Caes)  
Autographed by Stanton Friedman -
Manuscript   $10.00
Project Blue Book  -
Special Report No.14 -
Analysis of Reports of
Unidentified aerial
Objects - Air Technical
Intelligence Cener -
Wright Patterson Air
Force Base Ohio   May
5 1955   Manuscript -
A Spacefarer’s
A Human’s
Dream Encounters
with Extra-Humans-
Dwight S. Huggins
Price $14.00
Alien Memoirs- Mulder
was wrong. The truth is
not out there. It is in here.
A humorous look and
handbook for what to
expect in your upcoming
abduction. Peggy L.
Johnson  - Price $14.00
An Alien Affair –
Gordon Mackay  
Scott has previously been
abducted, where the union with
Frell produced a daughter. She
is presently living on a distant
planet and destined to be one
of the colony's leaders due to
her exceptional DNA & extra-
sensory intelligence.
Price  $15.00
Alien Rapture- The Chosen
– Edgar Rothschild Rod
This story of hidden
government agendas was
written by a former Air Force
intelligence officer and
America s foremost
paranormal investigator.
Alien Rapture tells of
discarded constitutional
rights, alien abduction, and
genetic manipulation.
Based on facts, this is a
disturbing look into the
eyes of an unethical
government and a
commentary on the current
UFO crisis.
Price $20.00
Ancient Aliens on Mars II
by Mike Bara Paperback
Proof of the Sophisticated
Ancient Civilization on
Captured- The Betty
and Barney Hill
Friedman, Kathleen
Price $16.99
Crash at Corona:
The U.S. Military
Retrieval and
Cover-Up of a UFO
Stanton Friedman
and Don Berliner
Secrets of Antigravity
Paul A. LaViolette Ph.
A complete investigation of the
development and suppression
of antigravity and field
propulsion technologies

• Reveals advanced aerospace
technologies capable of
controlling gravity that could
revolutionize air travel and
energy production

• Reviews numerous field
propulsion devices that have
thrust-to-power ratios
thousands of times greater than
a jet engine

Soft Cover $15.99
Alien Contact by Bonnie Meyer
This is the true story of over thirty
years of UFO and alien contact. I
became involved because I was
going to prove that UFOs did not
exist. This started me on my long
journey of finding out what the truth
is.But, then I had contact with the
aliens and once it began, I balked
and questioned everything that they
were trying to tell me. It did not take
me long to realize I had to live a
dual existence as I struggled to
keep from looking like a nut case.
For me, this is a frustrating journey
and yet rewarding. I knew the road
would be difficult and that there
would be ridicule, but I keep
steadily moving forward.Included in
the book are discussions with the
aliens. Some of the topics covered
are:1. UFOs and the aliens who are
piloting them2. Where the aliens
come from3. How long the aliens
have been visiting Earth and why
they are here4.There are two
factions of aliens here at this time5.
Why some of the aliens are
abducting6. The aliens take on our
Bible, Jesus and The Creator of
all7. The coming earth changes
and what it means8. What the
aliens have said about meditation,
addictions, love, marriage,
reincarnation and the soul.
Soft Cover 253 pgs $15.99
The Complete Book of
Jenny Randles and
Peter Hough
Here, two of the most
respected ufologists in the
world, Jenny Randles and
Peter Hough, share their
cumulative knowledge of
reported sightings and
findings from dozens of
countries around the
globe. They investigate the
extraordinary growth of
UFO phenomena and
explore the events and
major cases that have
formed the turning points
in UFO history. See how
the story has developed
decade by decade, from
the first cigar-shaped
object seen in 1880, to the
1952 wave of sightings in
Washington, on to new
breakthroughs as we near
the 21st century. Randles
and Hough shed new light
on the subject through
unparalleled access to
reports as well as
previously unpublished
material from experts and
witnesses around the
globe. Accounts from
abductees, government
officials, witnesses, and
more round out this most
fascinating and readable
$14.95 303 pages
Soft Cover
The Flying Saucers are Real by
Donald Kehoe who investigated
many of the earliest encounters
between the U.S. Air Force and
UFOs. Keyhoe believed the Air Force
was actively investigating these
close encounters, and also came to
the conclusion that the Earth has
been visited by Beings from outer
space for at least two and a half
centuries. He also noted, that the
sightings increased sharply with the
coming of the Atomic Age after WWII.
Using anecdotal evidence, Kehoe
intimates that the government may
have attained and adapted alien
technology. Soft Cover 166 pages  
Flying Saucers by C.G. Jung
Jung's primary concern in Flying
Saucers is not with the reality or
unreality of UFOs but with their
psychic aspect. Rather than
speculate about their possible
nature and extraterrestrial origin as
alleged spacecraft, he asks what it
may signify that these phenomena,
whether real or imagined, are
seen in such numbers just at a
time when humankind is menaced
as never before in history. The
UFOs represent, in Jung's phrase,
"a modern myth." Hard Cover 138
Pages $12.99
Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist
Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs:
Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and
Government Cover-Ups
 by Stanton
Friedman - Autographed
Flying Saucers and Science is a
comprehensive look at the scientific data on
the flying saucer phenomenon. Nuclear
physicist and lecturer Stanton T. Friedman
has distilled more than 40 years of
research on UFOs, and shares his work on
a wide variety of classified advanced
nuclear and space systems. He answers a
number of physics questions in layman's
terms, and establishes that travel to nearby
stars is within reach without violating the
laws of physics Soft Cover 317 pages
Price $14.99
The Incredible Light Beings of the Cosmos
by Antonia Scott-Clark
who has been
researching the modern "light orb"
phenomena for the past several years and
has come to some astonishing conclusions.
She has been photographing orbs for many
years but started photographing them in
earnest from the year 2000 onwards. She
describes herself as always having been an
incurable roving paranormal butterfly flitting
from mystical flower to mystical flower
without settling for long on any one bloom
until orbs, which she prefers to call Light
Beings, entered her life. She took these very
seriously and has conducted a private
research into the phenomenon. The results
of her findings are described in this book and
also included are many of her spectacular
photographs. With her friend, GoGos lead
singer Belinda Carlisle, Antonia tells of her
many adventures with orbs and answers
such questions as: Can you see orbs with
the naked eye?; Are orbs intelligent?; What
are the Black Villages?; What is the
connection between orbs and crop circles?
And tons more. Antonia gives instruction on
how to photograph orbs, and how to
communicate with these Light Beings of the
Cosmos. Soft Cover 327 pages  $14.99
Ghosts of the Air by Martin
Imagine witnessing inexplicable
events while piloting a plane
thousands of feet in the air.

These are real accounts from
pilots who have experienced
strange phenomena: landing at
an airfield that wasn't there;
planes guided by dead pilots;
Bermuda Triangle accounts;
sightings of aircraft from the
past; airfields haunted by airmen
killed in action; ghost warning
prevents plane crash; and more.
Soft Cover 266 pages

Price  -$14.99
Inside the Space Ships George Adamski
First Edition Excellent Condition
CONTENTS Introduction by Charlotte
Foreword by Desmond Leslie 1 Return of
the Venusian 2 Inside a Venusian Scout
Ship 3 The Venusian Mother Ship 4 My
First Look at Outer Space 5 Meeting With
a Master 6 Questions and Answers
Within the Ship 7 The Scout from Saturn
8 The Saturnian Mother Ship 9 The
Laboratory 10 Another Matter 11
Conversation in a Cafe 12 Again, the
Great Master 13 Days at Palomar
Terraces 14 The Banquet and a Farewell
15 An Unexpected Postscript
Biographical Sketch by Charlotte Blodget
Invisible Residents The Reality of Underwater UFOs  Ivan T. Sanderson
A unique contribution to the study of the UFOs, originally published over 30 years ago, this
updated edition includes new photographs and illustrations, and an extensive Foreword by
David Hatcher Childress discussing more recent Underwater UFOs--now called
USOs--Unidentified Submersible Objects. In the last 30 years, new sightings have occurred
and new information on old sightings has come forth through the Freedom of Information
Acts in the USA, Britain and Australia. These curious incidents during official military
maneuvers raise many questions:
* do the British and Americans have underwater military bases capable of launching UFOs?

* could the ultimate docking stations for some of the UFOs seen constantly around the
world be deep in our oceans?

* could these still-operational underwater docking bases have been built in our distant past
by extraterrestrials?

Sanderson chronicles hundreds of curious unidentified underwater object incidents, many
which emerge from the water to fly through the air, and draws some startling conclusions.
Soft Cover 248 Pages  $14.99
Hyperspace by Michio Kaku
Are there other dimensions beyond our own? Is time
travel possible? Can we change the past? Are there
gateways to parallel universes? All of us have
pondered such questions, but there was a time
when scientists dismissed these notions as
outlandish speculations. Not any more. Today, they
are the focus of the most intense scientific activity in
recent memory. In Hyperspace, Michio Kaku, author
of the widely acclaimed Beyond Einstein and a
leading theoretical physicist, offers the first
book-length tour of the most exciting (and perhaps
most bizarre) work in modern physics, work which
includes research on the tenth dimension, time
warps, black holes, and multiple universes.
Soft Cover 359 pages Price 14.99
Elder Gods of Antiquity
This initial volume of a new trilogy
reveals the flaws and
inconsistencies with our present
explanations for humanity's origins
and Earth's development.
Reexamination of geological,
archaeological, and
paleoanthropological records
produced the Elder Gods theory,
which explains Earth's past and
humankind's evolution as the result
of ancient contact with
extraterrestrial visitors. This theory
proposes that interventions by two
different groups of otherworldly
beings influenced Earth's
development and humanity's
ancestry. The first group emerged
shortly after the Big Bang genesis,
achieving great advancements that
culminated in a coalition to assist
younger emerging worlds. After
billions of years, they contacted our
solar system where life was first
developing on a neighboring planet.
Much later, those younger beings
from within our solar system
contributed to humankind's genetic
lineage, and more recently
influenced Earth's cultural
developments after c.3150 BC.
Soft Cover 509 pages Price 15.99
In Search of Ancient
by Dr. E.C. Krupp
Stonehenge to von Daniken;
Archaeoastronomy discovers
our sophisticated ancestors
Hard Cover 300 pages  $14.99
Miracles of the Gods -
Hard Cover
A new look at
the supernatural - Von
Price $25.00
Extraterrestrial Civilizations by Isaac Asimov
In Extraterrestrial Civilizations, Asimov steps readers
through a series of observations about the development
of intelligent life here on Earth, and he extrapolates the
data we have about ourselves into the question of whether
or not intelligent life is probable somewhere in the rest of
the Universe. I was concerned that a 25-year old book on
the topic might feel antiquated--especially considering the
advancement of astronomy in general and the data from
the Hubble telescope in particular--but as with much of
Asimov's work, his ideas are as fresh today as they were
in 1979.
Hard Cover 277 pages Price 14.99
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Morning Glory – Diary of an Alien Abductee – Gloria Ann Hawker
Morning Glory is a dynamic, true-life account of alien abduction written by a
57 year old woman. Gloria Ann Hawker lived most of her life believing that
extraterrestrial life did not exist. Her bizarre and extraordinary experiences
with the aliens began on the night of September 20, 1988. Gloria and two of
her children witnessed an event that would turn their lives upside down and
inside-out forever. That night was the beginning of years of fear, anxiety,
feelings of insanity. Gloria Hawker kept her hellish secret through
numerous abductions by these extraterrestrials. Not until 1993 did she
come to accept the existence of these extrerrestrial beings who share the
universe with us. 1996 Gloria began to experience a different kind of
abduction. Soft Cover 375 Pages Price- $14.99  autographed
The New Circlemakers -
Insights into the Crop Circle
Mystery - Andrew Collins -   
What is the mystery of the
crop circles? Are they
manmade or supernatural?
Is there a higher
intelligence responsible for
such creations, and if so,
who are they and what are
they trying to tell us?
Bizarrely, the answer might
lie not here on earth, but
37,000 light years away in
the constellation of Cygnus,
the Northern Cross, where
lurks a star perhaps
responsible not only for the
foundation of the world’s
earliest stone monuments
but for the emergence of
humanity itself. Illustrated
with 4-color photos.
Soft Cover 261 Pages Price
Need to Know by Timothy
Good -Fact: In 1945, the US
military recovered an alien
spacecraft. Fact: The United
States shot down several
flying disks in the late 1940s,
a period marked by an
unprecedented wave of
unexplained aircraft crashes.

The facts have continued only
to mount over the past six
decades in the classified files
of military and intelligence
agencies worldwide. Pilots
the world over have reported
incidents with UFOs that have
often been accompanied by
electrical interference and
communications difficulties.
UFOs have prompted more
secrecy and security-and
deception-than any other
concern ever on the part of
military specialists and
intelligence chiefs around the
world. An acknowledged
authority on the controversial
subject of UFOs, and an
indefatigable researcher,
Timothy Good in this
revelatory book tells us what
we need to know.
Soft Cover 465 Pages  $15.99
One in Forty – The UFO Epidemic –
Preston E. Dennett
This is a true story. The events described in this book really
happened. As you read, you will follow the investigation first-
hand as it unfolds into the unknown. You will find first-hand
accounts detailing virtually every type of UFO encounter. You
will find simple sightings of stars that move, intelligent
fireballs, and unexplainable lights in the sky. You will find
sightings of silvery, metallic ships hovering silently, emitting
strange Bigfoot encounters. You will find terrifying accounts
of confrontations with apparently alien beams of light near
the frightened witnesses. You will find accounts of spiritual
UFOs, UFO contactees, and even creatures, accounts of
abductions aboard alien spacecraft, stories of the
government study and cover-up of crashed UFOs and alien
bodies, and much, much more. The accounts you will read
are guaranteed to invoke curiosity, wonder and perhaps a
little fear. They just might open your mind a little-maybe even
force you to change your idea of what can actually happen on
this innocent-looking planet of ours.
Hard Cover 227 pages Price - $19.50
The Phoenix Lights by Lynne D. Kitei, M.D
On March 13, 1997 something extra-ordinary
happened in the skies over Phoenix and
across Arizona. On that clear evening a
parade of low flying, mile wide V-shaped
formations of orbs and craft glided silently
overhead, attracting the attention of at least
10,000 people. This is the detailed account
of that evening and the ensuing cover up of
what is now being hailed as the largest
mass sighting of UFOs in modern times but
there is much more to the story.
Soft Cover 272 pages $16.95
Out There - UFO's, what does
the U.S. Government Know?  
Howard Blum
An account of the US
government's decision to
summon 17 of the nations
intelligence specialists to a top
secret meeting in the Pentagon in
an attempt to solve the mystery of
whether the human race is alone
in the universe.
Soft Cover 300 pages
Price   $15.99  
Roswell Legacy – Jesse Marcel, Jr. and Linda Marcel
Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947
Crash Site –
Does extraterrestrial life exist? Have alien beings
actually visited Earth and, indeed, left clear traces of
their visits? One man has the answer...and his son
can now break the silence.The Roswell Legacy is the
story of Major Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer for
the 509th Bomber Group (famous for dropping the
atomic bomb on Japan), and the first military officer to
reach the scene of one of the most famous and
enduring UFO events in the recorded history of
mankind. This book docments the recovery of debris
from the crash of an extraterrestrial craft and how the
Marcel family became forever linked to the event. It
details what the debris looked like, how it greatly
differed from that of the “weather balloon” that was
supposedly recovered, and the physical
characteristics that prove it could have only come from
a technology that was not available in the 1940s (or,
perhaps, even now).
Soft Cover 192 Pages Price - $12.99
The Return of the Rebel Angels by Timothy Wyllie -
As recorded in The Urantia Book, two hundred millennia ago 37 planets,
including our own, were quarantined from the rest of the Multiverse to quell
the spread of the Lucifer rebellion within the angelic hierarchy. Now, after
eons of isolation, the fallen angels have been forgiven and Earth’s
connection with the Multiverse is being restored, initiating a massive
transformation of consciousness as we reconnect with angelic guides,
extraterrestrial beings, and our spiritual heritage as sacred vessels for God’
s presence.

Providing an update to The Urantia Book through angelic transmissions he
has received and remarkable spirits he has met, Timothy Wyllie investigates
the underlying motives of the angelic rebellion and the impact it has had on
our planet for the past 200,000 years. Offering a profoundly optimistic vision
of the future and reassurance that the coming spiritual transition will be
gentle, Timothy Wyllie describes his encounters with angels, ETs, and other
enlightened beings around the world, including how he made contact with
his own guardian angels, met the man who may have been Grand Master of
the Prieure de Zion, fell in love with a beautiful Cathar reincarnate in
Provence, and officiated at the 1981 Conference in Spirit inside the Great
Pyramid of Giza. He explores different planetary cosmologies, authentic
extraterrestrial intelligence, entheogenic revelations, and the spiritual
implications of the Holographic Paradigm, weaving together a coherent and
provocative understanding of the current state of our planet within the larger
context of a benevolent and caring Multiverse.
Soft Cover 488 pages $22.00
The Real Men in Black by Nick
Redfern -n The Real Men in
Black, author Nick Redfern
delves deep into the mysterious
world of these mysterious
operatives. He reveals their
origins and discusses classic
cases, previously unknown
reports, secret government files,
and the many theories that have
been presented to explain the
Highlights of The Real Men in
Black include:
• The story of Albert Bender, the
first man to claim an encounter
with the Men in Black
• The involvement of the MIB in
the Mothman saga that
dominated the town of Point
Pleasant, West Virginia in the
• Encounters with the MIB at the
site of one of the world's most
famous monsters: Loch Ness
• Exclusive interviews with
leading researchers of the MIB
Soft Cover 256 pages $15.99
Reflections of a UFO
- Hank
The author takes the
reader along on his three
year journey into the world
of investigating UFO
Soft Cover 622 pages
Price $30.00
Strange Secrets - Nick
Redfern Andy Roberts
For as long as extraterrestrial
and paranormal phenomena
have been investigated, the
official government response
to any events deemed
"otherworldly" or unexplainable
has been well documented:
DENIAL. Not because they
aren't interested in UFOs,
monsters, and psychic
abilities -- but because they
have their own secret agendas
for using this knowledge.
Soft Cover 336 Pages $14.00
The Secrets of Dellschau --
Dennis Crenshaw
Were the Aero Club's airships  
responsible for many UFO
sightings in America? "The
Secrets of Dellschau: The Sonora
Aero Club & The Airships of The
1800s, a True Story" is the first
book-length account of
Dellschau's life and work
Soft Cover 286 pages .
Price $14.95
Sightings UFOs by Susan Michaels
author of Sightings
Packed with never-before published
photos and stories from the popular TV
series, "Sightings: UFOs" explores: -
Saucers over Washington: The great
American UFO flap- Deliberate
Deception: UFO intercepts nuclear
warhead- UFOs in the Holy Land: Fiery
craft of biblical proportions return-
Encounter at 39,000 Feet: Cockpit
transmissions tell an eerie tale-
Intergenerational Abduction: Three
generations share extra-terrestrial
Susan Michaels has been the sole
writer of " Sightings" since its inception
in 1992 and has written for more than 25
other television programs.  Soft Cover
256 pages $11.00
UFOs over Topanga Canyon by Preston
Dennett - Since 1947, Topanga Canyon has
been a virtual hotbed of UFO sightings. June
14, 1992, marked the beginning of a UFO
wave of gigantic proportions.
Now, for the first time in print, eyewitness
accounts of the activity are revealed,
·Unexplained lights
·Strange, metallic ships
·Face-to-face alien encounters
·Strange animal sightings
·Abductions of humans by aliens
·Missing time phenomena
Soft Cover 312 Pages
Price 12.95
The UFO Singularity  by Micah Hanks finally reveals what
UFO phenomena can tell us about greater-than-human
intelligence, and offers provocative theories of where such
intelligence might originate. You'll explore the most
challenging metaphysical questions and the latest scientific
thoughts about them, including:
What is the singularity, and how does it relate to UFOs?
Could some UFOs be from our plane? Could they actually
be time travelers from our future?
What current scientific trends are leading us to the kinds of
advanced technology we've observed in various UFO
Are there other ways in which UFOs could be considered
"extraterrestrial visitors" in our midst, even if they didn't get
here in the way that most people think (via interplanetary
space flight)
Soft Cover 289 Pages Price 12.99
UFOs - A Century of Sightings
Michael David Hall  
Focusing on possibly the
greatest phenomena of all time,
this book documents many
fascinating, long forgotten events,
from the Kenneth Arnold sighting
to the Hopkinsvlle goblins and
beyond, with everything in
between. Summarizes the
careers of important
personalities in the field.
Approaches the subject of UFOs
from a historical perspective,
arranging sightings by date.
Soft Cover 398 pg $25.00
UFOs Here and
Now by
K. Gosta
Rehm  -
refutes the counter
arguments on the
UFO problem and
presents new
positive contributions
to UFO research by
well known scientists
Hard Cover   198
pages Price  
UFO Retrievals, the recovery of
alien spacecraft
by Jenny
Randles - Prolific investigator
Jenny Randles traces
documented claims for alleged
UFO crashes and retrievals
going as far back as
1871...interesting reading for the
insights they give into UFOlogy's
evolution over the last
half-century...analyzes 30 cases
from around the globe,
concluding that some are
obvious hoaxes, that others can
be explained away after
objective assessment of the
evidence, but that a few of them
at least support claims made by
the UFOlogy contingent.
Soft Cover 200 pgs $9.95
UFOs & Aliens Exposed,
Uncovered and
by   Michael
Pye (Editor), Kirsten Dalley
(Editor), Stanton T.
Friedman (Contributor),
Erich von Daniken
(Contributor), Nick Pope
(Contributor), Larry Flaxman  
(Contributor), Thomas J.
Carey (Contributor), Donald
R. Schmitt (Contributor),
Kathleen Marden
(Contributor), Nick Redfern
(Contributor), John White  
(Contributor), Jim Moroney
(Contributor), Gordon Chism
(Contributor), Micah Hanks
Soft Cover 253 pgs $14.99
UFOs over California, Preston Dennett
Step aside Roswell: California leads the
nation in UFO sightings and encounters, with
over 5000 reported incidents from the late
nineteenth through the early twenty-first
centuries. Documented here are diverse
early accounts, including Native American
UFO encounters, the 1896 California Airship
Mystery, and the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles.
Hundreds of verified sightings include
luminaries such as Sammy Davis, Jr., Cliff
Roberston, Jill Ireland, and Ronald Reagan.
Sightings and landings at California Air
Forces bases include Edwards, George,
Norton, and Hamilton as well as some over
Los Angeles International Airport. Cases are
described of healing and alien surgical
implants and UFO landings, on dry land and
off the coast. Color photographs of UFOs in
flight and illustrations by award winning artist
Kesara will leave every reader searching the
skies, seeking the truth!
Soft Cover 224 pgs $14.95
Our Ancestors Came from
Outer Space
Maurice Chatelain
The undeniable proof is here.
The NASA scientists who
helped launch man on the
moon offers startling evidence.
Paperback - Out of Print  - $20.00
UFO Abductions in Gulf
by Ed and Francis
The amazing true story of
UFOs and the real visitors
from out space
Paperback  $20.00
Flying Saucers- Series
by Frank
Overwhelming new
evidence that they are
real - The book that
smashes through the
barrier of official silence
with exclusive story
Paperback  $20.00
Flying Saucers- Series
by Frank Edwards
Overwhelming new evidence
that they are real - The book
that smashes through the
barrier of official silence with
exclusive story  No Front Cover
Paperback  $10.00
Aliens Among Us by Ruth
Dazzling true testimony that
extraterrestial are on earth
and about to usher in the
new Age.
Paperback $20.00
UFOs are Real -Here's the Proof
Edward Walters and Bruce
They are here startling and
inconvertible evidence  Used
Paper back  Price 12.99
Communion - A True Story
by Whitley Strieber
Paperback Used Condition
Price 12.99
Incident at Exeter by John
Unidentified Flying Objects
of America Now
Paperback Used Condition
Beyond Earth: Man's contact
with UFOs
by Ralph and Judy
New astonishing evidence from
outer space including the silvery
creatures of Pascagoula
Paperback, Used Condition
Extraterrestrial Among Us
by George C. Andrews
The children of the Earth
meet the children of the
Paperback Used Condition
Out There - UFO's, what does
the U.S. Government Know?  
Howard Blum
An account of the US
government's decision to
summon 17 of the nations
intelligence specialists to a top
secret meeting in the Pentagon in
an attempt to solve the mystery of
whether the human race is alone
in the universe.
paperback used condition with
Price   $12.99  
Gods and Devils from
Outer Space
by Eric
Space ships and atomic
energy sited in Genesis
Gun powder in the time of
Alexander the Great
Osiris and Isis as space
Malcolm X strange
Paper back Used Condition
Flying Saucers Here and Now by
Frank Edwards
New documented reports of UFO
sightings and news answers to
the most frequently asked
questions on UFOs
Paperback Used Condiiton
Chariots of the Gods by
Erich Von Daniken
Unsolved Mysteries of the past - the
startling book that asks 'did
astronauts visit earth 40,000 years
ago. Is there evidence of a
prehistoric airfield in the Andes -
Did extraterrestrial beings help set
up the giant stone faces that brood
over Easter Island and other earth
mysteries unanswerable until our
own space age.
Paperback Used Condition
Price: 12.99
Hard to Find and Out of Print Paperback Books on UFOs
UFOs Exempt from Disclosure  Robert Collins   Autographed
Since the initial publications of the book the FBI has done an outstanding job along with prior Secretary of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld in threatening or silencing those same sources who then try to discredit the work being done here
(mentally ill is a favorite term used by government CI) but, that can't silence the Presidents like Reagan or as...

President Obama said recently to Will Smith's son Jaden in May 2012, 'The aliens, right? … OK, I can neither confirm
nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials but I can tell you if there had been a top secret meeting and if there would
have had to have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room.'

Neither confirm nor deny? Within Intelligence circles that says the President was, 'read in.'

The Black World, Core of a Cover-up

--What is the Crystal Rectangle (CR, alien energy device that could power an entire city the size of New York).

Very classified according to those 'leaked' DIA TS/Code Word documents...FBI to Kit Green, 'not at all. It is not our
business (sic).' An FBI 'hands-off' attitude toward leaked UFO documents...The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
refused to comment or saying they're hoaxes...

--The Propulsion System: The basic principles are simple in concept, but not in application (a very complex system
says LANL) and why the prototypes never worked right: we still fly rockets.

Soft Cover 196 Pages Price 14.99
Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D
A complete investigation of the development and
suppression of antigravity and field propulsion technologies

• Reveals advanced aerospace technologies capable of
controlling gravity that could revolutionize air travel and
energy production

• Reviews numerous field propulsion devices that have
thrust-to-power ratios thousands of times greater than a jet

Soft Cover $15.99
The Thinking Person's UFO
by Gordon Chism and
Richard M. Dolan who melds
philosophical theory and
historical scholarship to
present an easy-to-read,
entertaining, and informative
work. Chism shares his
personal UFO sighting and
his struggle with peer group
dismissal. His experience
caused him to wonder why
people so often reject new
ideas and new perspectives
of reality. The book weaves
his conclusions together with
researched accounts of
worldwide sightings and the
government and military
Soft Cover 222 Pages $14.99
Twlight of the Gods by
Erich von Daniken - The
Mayan Calendar and the
Return of the
Soft Cover 223 Pages
Price $17.99
The Way of the
Explorer -
Dr. Edgar
Mitchell with Dwight
Williams  Apollo
Astronaut's Journey
through the material
and mystical worlds
-- Soft Cover -288
Pages Price $15.99
Shoot Them Down, The Flying Saucer Air
Wars of 1952
 Frank Feschio Jr and Stanton
During the summer of 1952, Americans
reported a record amount of Ufo sightings to
Project Blue Book. Frank Feschino, Jr. has
written a book about the 1952 summer and
America's Ufo problem. He takes the reader
on a journey through Blue Book's "Unknown"
cases and other Ufo reports. He focuses on
the encounters between Us. fighter planes
and Ufos with an in-depth historical account
of the United States military's "shoot down"
orders. On Sept. 12, 1952, a horrific
encounter occurred in West Virginia when a
12-foot-tall being, the "Flatwoods Monster,"
terrified a group of Flatwoods residents after
it's damaged craft landed in their town
Soft Cover 392 Pages Price 21.99
The Coronado Island
UFO Incident
-In 1994,
six people were
abducted from a hotel
on Coronado Island,
California. While most
were able to recall their
abduction by
"grey-types," one had
retained actual physical
proof an implant.
Michael J. Evans &
Preston Dennett
Price  $14.95
Dark Mission - The Secret
History of NASA
by Richard
Hogland and Mike Bara
Soft Cover
New York Times bestseller
about the strange history of
NASA and its cover-ups
regarding its origins and
extraterrestrial architecture
found on the moon and Mars
is even more interesting in its
new edition.

Authors Richard C. Hoagland
and Mike Bara include a new
chapter about the discoveries
made by ex-Nazi scientist and
NASA stalwart Wernher von
Braun regarding what he
termed "alternate gravitational
solutions," or the rewriting of
Newtonian physics into
hyperdimensional spheres.
Connecting the Dots
Paola Harris positive
approach to the UFO
phenomenon developed in
the USA in the light of J.
Allen Hynek's serious
activity and in Italy with
CUNs disclosure effort has
turned into a sincere
mission to inform the
general public about the
real facts about of the
possible alien presence.?  
Witnessed- by Bud
Hopkins - The true
story of the Brooklyn
Bridge Abduction
Hard Cover 399
pages Price 21.95
UFOs and How to
See Them
by Jenny
Lavishly illustrated
with illustrations,
complete UFO hot
spots round thw world
Hard Cover 144
pages $12.99
The UFO Conspracy by Jenny
Randles who  contends very
simply that one thing is clear: the
public is being deceived on a
colossal scale. Ordinary citizens
are being labelled 'fools' for
honestly describing what they
saw. The media is being
manipulated by force-fed
information that directs it toward
required goals. Science is being
hoodwinked by the
powers-that-be, who may well
want to preserve the monopoly
they hold for research within the
secret services. Hard Cover 224
pages Price 12.99
UFOs a Scientific Debate
edited by Carl Sagan and
Thornton Page
Hard Cover 310 Pages $12.99
UFOs myths conspiracies and
by John B Alexander PhD
Forward by Jacques Vallee

While still on active duty in the U.S.
Army during the 1980s, Colonel John
B. Alexander, Ph.D. created an
interagency group to explore the
controversial topic of UFOs. All
members held Top Secret clearance.
What they discovered was not at all
what was expected. UFOs covers the
numerous cases they saw, and
answers questions.
UFOs is at once a complete account of
Alexander’s findings, and a call to
action. There are no conspiracy
theories here—only hard facts—but
they are merely the beginning.
Hard Cover 305 pages Price 21.99
Vimana - Flying Machines of the
by David Hatcher
Childress   packed with photos and
diagrams, he consults ancient texts
and modern stories and presents
astonishing evidence that aircraft,
similar to the ones we use today,
were used thousands of years ago in
India, Sumeria, China and other
countries. This means that these
ancient civilizations had advanced
metal technology, electricity and the
engineering knowledge of flight many
thousands of years before our own
era of flight technology. Soft Cover
408 pages Price 19.99
Vistors: A New Look at UFOs by Kelly
The appearances and activities of the
disks and their occupants appear too
varied for them all to hail from a single
point of origin. Although the demonic
scenario appears to be the major
cause of flying saucer phenomena, it
is unlikely the only one. It is time for
ufology to broaden its search and look
for multiple answers  
Soft Cover 218 Pages $16.99
Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
815 367 1006