Ancient Wisconsin
Wisconsin Rapids - Ancient Calendar
Wisconsin was a major center of ancient religion. It saw man's earliest attempts at metal making and, according to the
following article, was the home of ancient astronomers.

”Prof. James Scherz claims to have discovered an ancient Indian calendar site in a marshy region near Wisconsin
Rapids, Wisconsin. Scherz was led to the site by aerial photographs taken during a wetlands mapping program.

Strange "islands" of higher land seen within the bog were found, upon terrestrial inspection, to be unusually steep,
possibly artificial. Some were round, some four-sided; others were shaped like a fish, a rabbit, and a snake.

[Wisconsin has countless similar "effigy mounds" elsewhere.] Causeways connect some of these so-called islands.
The most interesting features of the islands, however, are prominent rocks and rock cairns. Scherz and an assistant
mapped the islands, cairns, and rocks to determine if any astronomical alignments existed. Sure enough, the solstices
and equinoxes were predictable from some of the alignments. Another alignment provided the site's latitude.The
exploration of this site is incomplete, and further information is expected.

Quite possibly, the site is associated with the famous prehistoric copper mining activities which were centered in
Wisconsin roughly 3,000 to 7,000 years ago.” (Murn, Thomas J.; "Portage County Cairns: Wisconsin's Rockhenge,"
NEARA Journal, 18:50, 1984.)


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