Ancient Wisconsin
Neenah - Land of the Dead
"Oh, Wisconsin. beneath your feet is an ocean of bones...."
"They (railroad crews) knocked the top off of the small hill called Butte Des Morts. It was full of skeletons. Tracks were laid across the cut and
The combined bones and rock became the track bed." - a diary description of the 19th century decapitation of a section of "the hill of the
dead"(Butte Des Morts) on the shore of Little Lake Butte Des Morts in Neenah.  

The hill is reputed to hold the piled up corpses of Fox Indians killed during a battle against the French and their Indian Allies in the Fox/French
Wars. More likely, the hill had been part of a long standing burial ground and contained the bones of the ancient mound builders. Mounds are
everywhere, their remains may be beneath your feet right as you read this. In the mid to late 19th century countless mounds were plowed over
by farmers. Road crews crushed bones into aggregate for road and railroad beds. It's safe to say that all of Wisconsin's primary roads contain
shattered bits of the bones of the ancient dead.


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