Ancient Wisconsin
Henschel Ancient Civilization found at Elkhart Lake, WIsconsin Sheboygan County.
Ancient Wisconsin and Yucatan Shells

"...there are more burial and effigy mounds in Wisconsin than any other part of North America."
1877. "A plow horse accidentally broke through the top of an ancient mound at Henschell in Sheboygan County. When the farmer and his neighbors investigated, they found fifty skeletons in
sitting in a circle facing the center of the mound. A large marine shell from the Gulf Coast was on the floor in the middle of the group...."
The rivers were highways. The trade route from what is now the gulf side of Mexico to Wisconsin was a relatively routine thing. Sea shells from the Yucatan are a fairly common find in the
soil of the Badger state. Always keep an eye out, the ground beneath your feet is alive with the stories of those who came before you.

Compiled by Mary Sutherland

Since the first Henschel homesteader settled in Sheboygan County in
1849, the family's land has yielded evidence of  10,000 years of
human occupation. Today, the Henschel collection of prehistoric
artifacts is one of  the most complete in Wisconsin. These
items--chipped stone tools, projectile points, ground stone tools,
bone tools, copper implements, pottery--trace the lives and times of
the original culture inhabiting the area.

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