Ancient Wisconsin
Beloit - The Real Indiana Jones
The Real Indiana Jones was a Wisconsinite

In the 1920's, Wisconsin's Roy Chapman Andrews was the worlds greatest Dinosaur Hunter, Naturalist, Explorer, Adventurer, Teacher, Writer and
Marksman. His trademark explorer's outfit was as familiar to the man on the street as Charlie Chaplin's little tramp costume. He repeatedly graced the
covers of every major magazine. Through his writings and speaking tours, he inspired countless generations of paleontologists. In his many adventures,
he fought countless bandits, swam shark infested waters,twice nearly drowned in typhoons, eluded the killing grasp of a python and lived to tell the tale.
It is no wonder that he is reputed to be the model for Indiana Jones. As director of the American Museum of Natural History, he lead a spectacular series
of bone hunting expeditions into China, the Gobi Desert, and Mongolia. He found the first proof that dinosaurs laid eggs and was able to ship back an
enormous quantity of dinosaur bones. In an era of great explorers and shameless self promotion, he stood alone - larger than life, with a hundred
lifetimes of experience and accomplishment.
Andrews was born and raised in Beloit, Wisconsin. He graduated Beloit College. He then spent most of his adult life traveling the world, uncovering it's
forgotten corners, and digging into it's most distant past. After an extraordinary career, Andrews retired to Carmel, California. He died there in 1960. As
per his wishes, his ashes were returned to Wisconsin to be buried with his family at the Oakwood Cemetery in Beloit.
Dragon Hunter: Roy Chapman Andrews and the Central Asiatic Expeditions by Charles Gallenkamp is a thrilling read. Get it. No bookshelf in this state
should be without it.

Compiled by Mary Sutherland

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